Past Shows

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Barefoot in the Park

January 2012

Neil Simon's classic 1960s romantic comedy Barefoot in the Park finds joy and laughter in young love as it follows a newlywed couple beginning life together in a 5th floor Manhattan apartment. Whimsical, free-spirited Corie and strait-laced Paul begin their marriage to numerous challenges in life, and love.

To Kill a Mockingbird

October 2012

Compass Rose Theater is proud to open its 2nd season with To Kill a Mockingbird, dramatized by Christopher Sergel from the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Harper Lee. In this American classic, young Scout sees her father Atticus exhibit a kindness and desire for justice that will leave an indelible mark on his daughter and a small town in Alabama in the year 1935. To Kill a Mockingbird teaches us about the importance of community, tolerance, love, and compassion. Atticus tells Scout that you can never truly understand another human being without first taking a walk in their shoes.


April 2011

Compass Rose Theater proudly presents Oliver! The Musical.  Based on Charles Dickens fable about a starving orphan in 19th century London, the play tells the rags to riches story of goodness rewarded and thievery and wickedness punished.   Lionel Barts musical score includes world famous songs such  as  “Where is Love” and  “As Long as He Needs Me.”    A professional cast will be rounded out by Compass Rose students who are incorporated as full members of the production.

The Miracle Worker

February 2011

The Miracle Worker is the true story of Helen Keller's discovery of language. Helen, a young girl, is blind and deaf from infancy. The Keller's, a wealthy Southern family, desperately seek a cure for their daughter, reaching at their utmost desperation to a school in the North, where they find Annie Sullivan, a poor student, who travels to live with them to try to tame Helen's wildness and educate her.

Lost In Yonkers

February 2014

Compass Rose Theater presents Lost in Yonkers, the Pulitzer prize winning play by Neil Simon - Two boys in the 1940s are left in their Grandma's home in Yonkers while their father is away working. Grandma Kurnitz is a fierce, strict and distant woman, who has raised 6 children and wants no more children in her small apartment above her candy store. Addled Aunt Bella, who lives at home and Uncle Louie, the shady "business man", and Aunt Gert, gather round to love and help the boys as they come to realize the hard realities of life in Yonkers, and the joy of surviving hard times together.

The Liar

February 2018

A rollicking farce by Pierre Corneille first performed in 1644. This hilarious play of mistaken identities and fabrications illustrates the tangled web which lies and deceit create. Dorante, the dubious hero of the play is fond of exaggeration, and at worst, bald faced lies. His lies are almost his undoing, but love and truth win in the end. Delightful and funny, this play is a Restoration comedy, but very relevant today.