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Compass Rose Theater Classes, Workshops and Summer Camps

Compass Rose Theater offers summer camps, workshops and theater classes 
at The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
(We also bring theater classes to schools and community groups!)

Classes are taught by accredited teachers with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in theatre,
have teaching experience, and work in the professional theater world.

Weekly classes are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Camps are Monday-Friday
September - October           November - December          January - February           March - April         June - August


We Welcome You to the Best Theater Classes and Camps  in Maryland!

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Create a Play | Kinder Theater | Fairytales Onstage | Improvisation 

Play Production | Shakespeare | Adult Acting | Teen Acting |  Welcome to Theater



Create a Play 

  Students will develop and perform a play of their creation. The students will take creative control
as they are guided in writing an original script. Their creative interests will be peaked as they take on all aspects of producing
their masterpiece, from designing the set, sound, props, and costumes to assistant directing, stage managing, and acting.
Students gain confidence and fundamental life skills as theypractice teamwork and ensemble building. Each workshop is
different, and every production is unique!  Session culminates in a presentation to family.


April 4 - May 23

4:30pm - 5:30pm 

Ages 6 - 12 



June 24  - 28 (ages 5-12) 

July 15 - 19 (ages 5-12)

July 22 - 26 (ages 5-12)



Fairytales Onstage

We will create an ensemble of actors working together to dramatize classic and contemporary fantasy stories on stage!
Students will explore their physicality, voice, mind, and imaginations to develop characters, transport themselves
to magical worlds, and experiment with various methods to tell a story. This program combines movement, dance, song, visual arts, and drama as students
developtheir original fairytales! Your time culminates with a final sharing for family and friends of highlights and stories at the last class.
 Class culminates in a presentation to family.


March 5 - April 30

4:30pm - 5:30pm 

Ages 6 - 12 


July 8 - 12

Ages 5-12


Welcome to Theater 

 Explore character creation and storytelling, which is at the heart of acting on the stage.
Experience a wide variety of activities focused on basic theater concepts such as ensemble, actor's tools, sharing the stage, dialogue, and action. 
This class introduces the young actor to a variety of techniques within the world of theater. Class culminates in a presentation to family.



March 5 - April 30

5:30pm - 6:30pm 

Ages 9 - 13



Aug 12 - 16 (Ages 9-12)




 Acting and Improvisation

Students will discover newfound confidence and
appreciation for the fearless actor. In this camp, students will explore this fun and accessible tool
utilized by actors as they explore creating characters and developing relationships for the stage. Students will experience
the joy of creative risk-taking. Actors will also learn a more in-depth study of staying in the moment
as they experiment with long-form improv and theatre sports. As always, family is invited to the last day of class for a presentation.


March 6 - May 1

(no classes during Spring Break for AACo schools)
5:30pm - 6:30pm 

Ages 11 - 14 


Teen Acting

Mar 6 - May 1

7:00pm - 8:00pm 

Ages 13 - 18



August 19 - 23 (Ages 9-14)


Theater Bootcamp


August 5 - 12 (Ages 12-14)

Welcome to theater bootcamp, an intensive designed to provide a solid foundation for the young performer.
Suitable for beginners and those with some onstage experience, students will explore basic acting techniques
including voice and diction, movement, the art of the audition, and improvisation.
Activities will include a variety of warm-ups and exercises, as well as scene work and monologues


Play Production

Students will follow the theatrical process from beginning to end. Within the context of a published play,
students will audition for roles, memorize lines, learn stage movement, create dynamic characters, and finally
perform for a live audience onstage. As in any full production, it will be complete with costumes, props, and a set.  


June 17 - 21 (Ages 12-14)
(no camp June 19, hours 9-5) 

July 29 - August 2  (Ages 5-12)


Adult Acting

For adults with some acting background or interest, whether with community group, local community theater or background acting,
and want to improve auditioning, performing, monologues and move to the next step on the acting ladder. Perhaps go pro?
A combination  of scripted and non-scripted work will stretch your imagination and challenge your creativity. 


March 5 - April 30
7:00pm - 9:00pm 

(Ages 18+)



Click on date links for more information or to register. For questions about the summer camps, please email us at [email protected]