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2017-18 Season

The Liar 9/8 - 10/8
Inherit the Wind 10/27 - 11/26
Fiddler on the Roof 12/8 - 1/21
Disgraced 3/2 - 3/25
A Chorus Line 4/13 - 5/20

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The Compass Rose Theater is a professional studio and theater
rooted in the belief that education in the theater creates excellence in
performance. We seek to inspire passion for live theater through
education in the dramatic arts for all ages. We believe that the
experience of the craft of the theater builds not only talent and
technique, but fosters skills for living which enrich the human
experience.  Professional theater performances by Compass Rose
Theater uphold unparalleled artistic standards which reflect our core
values and commitment to artistic excellence. As the compass rose on a
nautical chart guides the mariner on his or her journey, so the Compass
Rose Theater explores dramatic journeys and charts a course
toward moving, evocative, and richly entertaining theater.