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Art is at the heart of the quality of life for everyone.  

The lively arts, such as theater, connect us as human beings, cause us to reflect on our lives, and can fill the longing in our souls.    Live theater is an antidote to the fractured digital world,which separates us as it keeps us constantly in touch.  Watch the faces of the audience on any given night during a moving moment in a play and you will experience the joy of live theater – a real, shared, human experience.  

The cost of producing quality theater is daunting. Compass Rose Theater is able to bring the best of entertainment to the Annapolis area and beyond because it is a business, with a paid staff, governed by a board of directors.   The monetary demands of this business are no different from any other business, with bills to pay – rent, insurance, employees and production costs. Actors, directors and designers who have studied and trained for many years need to be compensated.   We are grateful for our designation by the IRS as a non-profit company, which makes any donation to our theater tax deductible and enables us to survive on the donations of many generous patrons. The money generated by ticket sales and class tuition does not begin to cover the cost of producing shows or keeping the doors open and the lights on.   Please consider a donation to Compass Rose to help us continue to benefit the community with our educational offerings and our quality productions.

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