Compass Rose Theater in the Schools

Compass Rose Theater brings theatre into the classroom as well as offers a wide range of after school classes.

Winter 2011 Classes

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In the Classroom

Beyond the Bard

Bring Compass Rose Theater into your classroom with this unique curriculum-based Shakespeare intensive. A professional teaching artist illuminates the beauty of Shakespeare’s text by teaching students both the technical workings and emotional truths in Shakespeare’s words. Students gain a knowledge of the culture and time of Shakespeare which support the text based work. They learn that Shakespeare’s words reveal universal themes and work to prepare a monologue or scene giving them first-hand experience with the theatrical process.

  • Program currently a part of the curriculum at St. Martin’s Day School in Severna Park (7th and 8th grades) taught by Brandon McCoy and Adam Curtis
  • If you are interested in bringing Compass Rose Theater and Beyond the Bard into your school, please contact us for more information.

After School Residencies

Compass Rose Theater offers a variety of theatre classes which are taught after school.

Featured Residency:

Create A Play

Create a character, weave together a story, and create a play! In this exciting afterschool workshop students will explore the theatrical process from building a story, rehearsal, and finally performance. Students will gain confidence and fundamental life skills as they practice the craft of theater.

Currently at The Key School, taught by Lucinda Merry Browne (3rd-5th) and Adam Curtis (2nd)

Interested in bringing Compass Rose Theater to your school for an Afterschool Residency?
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