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Compass Rose Theater Classes 2023


Compass Rose Theater offers summer camps and theater classes 
at The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. This affords us access to its wonderful
facilities to bring our students professional theater training in a safe environment.
(We also bring theater classes to schools and community groups!)

Classes are taught by accredited teachers with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in theatre,
have teaching experience, and work in the professional theater world.

Weekly classes are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.
Session One: September - October             Session Two: November - December


We welcome you to the Best Theater Classes  in Maryland!


For weekly class information and registration:




Create a Play | Kinder Theater | Fairytales Onstage | Improvisation 

Play Production | Shakespeare | Adult Acting | Teen Acting |  Welcome to Theater



Create a Play 

This class affords young actors the chance to wear many theatrical hats: playwright, collaborator, actor, and designer. Students jump into the world of storytelling as they develop an original play. They work to create dynamic characters with clear objectives, solve problems creatively, and perform their final product. Students work together to create sets and characterizations that support their imagination as their words become reality.
Invite your family to the final sharing of your creation!

Fall Classes start in September



Fairytales Onstage

This class offers elementary-aged young actors and up to age 10 the opportunity to join an ensemble of actors working together to dramatize classic and contemporary fantasy stories on stage. Students will explore their physicality, voice, mind, and imaginations to develop characters, transport themselves to magical worlds, and experiment a variety of methods to tell a story. This program combines movement, dance, song, visual arts, and drama as students develop their own original fairytales!
The week culminates with a final sharing for family and friends of highlights and stories at the final class.

September - October, 2023



Welcome to Theater 

Students ages 6-12 will explore character creation and storytelling, which is at the heart of acting on the stage. They will experience a wide variety of activities focused on basic theater concepts such as ensemble, actor's tools, sharing the stage, dialogue, and action.  This class introduces the young actor to a variety of techniques within the world of theater.

September-October and November-December, 2023




Teens and tweens will learn improvisation is a fun team sport! Students will discover newfound confidence and appreciation for the fearless actor. In this camp, students will explore this fun and accessible tool utilized by actors as they explore creating characters and developing relationships for the stage. Students will experience the joy of creative risk-taking. Actors will also learn a more in-depth study of staying in the moment as they experiment with long-form improv and theatre sports. As always, family is invited to the last day of class for a presentation.

September-October, 2023


Play Production

In this intensive class, students will follow the theatrical process from beginning to end. Within the context of a published play, students will audition for roles, memorize lines, learn stage movement, create dynamic characters, and finally perform for a live audience onstage. As in any full production, it will be complete with costumes, props, and a set.   


Shakespeare Intensive

Ages 13-18

September 9 - October 28

Experience the beauty of Shakespeare's text through the technical workings and emotional truths in Shakespeare's words. Students learn about the culture and time through movement, dance, and stage combat. They learn that Shakespeare's words reveal universal themes, and students work to prepare a monologue or scene, giving them first-hand experience with the theatrical process. Classes are taught by accredited teachers with a B.A. or Master's degree in theater who have teaching experience and work in the professional theater world.
Class ends with a presentation to family.

Teen Acting

Ages 13-18

7 - 8 PM, Wednesdays, Sept 6 - October 25, 2023

Could you be an actor? Learn from a theater professional what you need to know to act onstage. Auditioning, creating a character, memorizing lines, & being in a scene are just a few things you will learn in this creative class. Classes are taught by accredited teachers with a B.A. or Master's degree in theater who have teaching experience and work in the professional theater world. Class culminates in a presentation to family.


Click on date links for more information or to register. For questions about the summer camps, please email us at [email protected]