Musical Theater Workshop with Tony-Nominated Actress Nikki Crawford


EXPANDED TO ALL AGES WELCOME DUE TO REQUESTS!!  Unlock the secrets to success in the competitive world of musical theatre auditions with our comprehensive workshop. This course is designed for passionate performers seeking to refine their skills and elevate their auditioning prowess. (For ages 11+).  (If you need a scholarship to attend, email us at [email protected].)

Fridays, June 21 and 28 6-9 PM

Hear from Nikki here:

Course Content:

1. Song Selection and Singing Technique:  Learn the art of selecting the perfect audition song that showcases your strengths and captivates the casting team. Develop vocal techniques to deliver a powerful and memorable performance.

2. Interpretation and Storytelling:  Dive into the heart of musical theatre as you learn how to embody the character and narrative of your chosen song. Discover techniques for infusing emotion, intention, and depth into every note and lyric.

3. Vocal Exercises and Warm-ups:  Strengthen and refine your vocal instrument through a series of exercises tailored to the demands of musical theatre. Cultivate range, control, and stamina to ensure a flawless audition.

4. Audition Room Mastery:  Navigate the unique challenges of audition environments. Gain confidence in making spontaneous adjustments and showcasing your versatility while maintaining your authenticity and presence.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, students will:

- Bring characters to life through songs, embodying emotion and intention.

- Select and perform audition songs that highlight their strengths and showcase their versatility.

- Navigate the audition room with confidence, making spontaneous adjustments as needed.

- Execute fundamental dance movements with precision and confidence.

- Be equipped to ace callbacks and secure roles in musical theatre productions.


For more information: [email protected], 410-980-6662


Directions Compass Rose Theater, located at Maryland Hall
801 Chase Street, Third Floor
Annapolis, MD 21401