On-Camera Audition Workshop for Adults and Teens



On-Camera Audition Technique Workshop
with Nikki Crawford/Compass Rose Theater



Unlock the secrets to a successful on-camera audition for aspiring actors in this intensive two-day workshop. Led by a Tony-nominated actress with a wealth of industry experience, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to approach television, film, and theatre production auditions confidently.

Workshop Highlights:

-Understanding the Medium: Gain insight into the unique demands of on-camera auditions, including framing, composition, and working with camera angles.

-Script Analysis:  Learn how to dissect scripts effectively to make informed character choices that translate seamlessly on screen.

- Authenticity and Connection: Explore techniques for bringing authenticity to your performances while establishing a strong connection with the camera and, by extension, the audience.

- Adjusting to Different Genres:  Practice tailoring your audition approach to suit various genres, from drama to comedy, ensuring you can adapt to any casting scenario.

- Feedback and Rehearsal: Receive constructive feedback from the instructor and peers, and engage in rigorous rehearsal exercises designed to refine your on-camera presence.

- Professional Etiquette: Acquire valuable tips on navigating auditions, working with casting directors, and presenting yourself as a consummate professional in the industry.


By the end of this workshop, you will have a comprehensive understanding of on-camera auditioning, enabling you to approach auditions with confidence, creativity, and professionalism.

For more information: [email protected], 410-980-6662

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